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Debbie Thurmond, PhD, Senior Scientist

Leigh Burgess is unique in her ability to deliver unparalleled strategic planning that meets the rapid demands of the marketplace. Her ‘secret sauce’ is derived from her critical listening-learning of the specific needs of her customer, her creativity based upon years of experience and success at top institutions, and her professionalism and polish. Leigh is my go-to for our evolving strategic planning needs.

Amy H. Bus, Marketing Executive

I’ve had the unique experience of working with Leigh in various capacities and across industries for over a decade.


She is a dynamic leader and consistent innovator in change management. She is able to nimbly address acute organizational challenges and craft/leverage resource allocation that is both expeditious and holistic.  


She is also a careful and thoughtful mentor-leader - taking every opportunity to grow individuals as part of the team and in their ultimate career goals. 

Grendel Burrell, Senior Consultant

In working with Leigh on academic-industry collaborations,   I found her to be a wonderful partner, collaborative, and creative! 


Her deep experiences in clinical research operations improved processes and timelines in clinical trials.

Jennifer Daley, MD, Senior Healthcare Executive

Leigh is an experienced healthcare executive who has a strong record of doing the right thing for the right reasons.


She is dedicated to the mission of healthcare, creating positive outcomes that improve care for health systems, providers, their patients and their families.


Committed to excellence, she works hard to achieve outstanding results for her clients. 


I admire Leigh and recommend her in the strongest terms!

Heather Nelson, Chief Information Officer

Leigh is someone that takes tremendous pride in the tasks and deliverables she is responsible for.


She encourages collaboration and empowers team members to do their best and to feel comfortable working outside of their comfort zones.


Leigh has taken on new challenges and isn’t afraid to stretch herself. I am so proud of the leader she has become and look forward to seeing her continue to make impactful and meaningful change with the projects and priorities she is managing.

Carolyn Carpenter, Senior Healthcare Executive

Leigh learns what is needed for a project to be successful faster than imaginable.


She has a phenomenal ability to absorb vast amounts of information and turn it into creative, results-oriented actions.


The outcomes are tailored to the need, exceptionally well thought out, and bring aspirational values to life.

Irene Kim, MD, Transplant Surgeon & Program Director

As a leader in transplantation, I’ve had the good fortune of working with Leigh Burgess in a national forum for healthcare leadership.  


She is one of the most insightful and effective consultants I have worked with, facile and pivoting quickly with changing demands.  


I can also personally attest to her high moral character- she is someone who cares for everyone on a team, inclusive and inspiring.

Barbara Anderman, Senior Healthcare Executive

Leigh was selected to be a fellow in Carol Emmott Fellowship, a program for exceptional women leaders who will have a significant impact within healthcare. Leigh leads with confidence, pairing that with a strong ability to collaborate. 


She is also a trailblazer and a change agent, fearless in her abilities to make changes when she believes that it will benefit an organization.


I have been impressed with Leigh and look forward to learning about her continued accomplishments.

Tracy Gosselin, Chief Nursing Officer

Leigh is a dynamic, knowledgeable leader who is able to help you take your vision to the next level by creating appropriate plans and tactics for success while also ensuring you are supported through the process. She is a dedicated, driven individual who will help ensure excellence in what you are pursuing.

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