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Company Profile

Taking your projects to the next level....

We are a full-service consulting firm that provides expertise and curated experiences to enable you to create new opportunities for "big swings of bold" that result in positive change and expedited results.

Pivoting Post-Pandemic

Creating the plan for your operations and administration in the "new normal" of health care

Innovation &
Strategic Planning

Exploring new ways to advance your goals, strategies and travel a new path for success

Operations Analysis & Advanced Improvement

Value-creating activities for improvement, efficiency and competitive advantage


Examples of Achieved Outcomes






Years of Experience & Expertise in Health Care
Increase in Project ROI  
Increase in Large Annual Funding 
Day Reduction in Turnaround Time 

Our Methodology


We provide agile strategic consulting driven by big swings of bold to yield expedited results and increase business optimization. Our D90 and D30 frameworks apply the Principles of Design and agile strategies to innovative and strategic projects across business and health care for efficient and measurably defined successful outcomes.


The client selects the areas of emphasis along with the timeline needed for the project with project phases completed in 90-day focused increments. 

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Meet the Team

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With over 20 years of experience in business, healthcare and education and a MHA, MEd, and MA, Leigh is an executive with deep experience in project management, communications, new business and technology initiatives, and she is committed to helping you take big swings of bold, so you and your organization can thrive. 


With a MPH and vast experience in clinical research coupled with her background in healthcare, business and sustainability,  Mayah is dedicated to supporting all of your initiatives through project management, stakeholder engagement, research and administrative support as well as community outreach. 


Alexa has 12 years of experience in roles as an administrative and executive assistant, program specialist and project manager that has allowed her to be a dedicated and versatile administrator that understands how to assist and manage projects to support, guide and execute strategic goals and initiatives. 

"Strategic, agile and resourceful, Leigh is one of the most accomplished executives I've had the pleasure of working with.  She's a bold self-starter with a knack for solving tough challenges, fast. 


Leigh has over twenty years of experience plus a passion for new technology—making her the perfect balance of seasoned and forward thinking.  Her programs are built around her signature style of taking "big swings of bold" to drive rapid growth and change for organizations. 


Leigh gets results—that is a given.  But it's her authentic and engaging personality that makes her a true pleasure to work with and a total industry game-changer."

—  Amina Altai, CEO, Head Coach & Speaker




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